Bush Balladeers

My name is Steve Sparrow. I am the owner operator of SPARROW SOUND STUDIO. I describe my business as a boutique recording studio that can produce a big quality sound. The studio’s proven record of accomplishment, focusing on giving the client exactly what they want, ensures my clients return year after year. The point of difference is my musicality combined with flexibility, understanding and affordability. I love nothing more than project managing your recording to simplify the process, so you can focus on the music. Over the years, I have established myself as a well-known entertainer performing at many venues around South-East Queensland. I am looking forward to completing the production and releasing my album titled “Cactus Green” in early 2015. The cd will be comprised of a bunch of original songs, and a couple of reworked covers with a country feel.

I have over 15 years industry experience; recording, mixing and producing albums and have established a very good reputations in the country music industry. Since I was a young child, I have been heavily involved with the music industry, as a competitor, entertainer, international artist, songwriter, guitarist, judge and sponsor, I am proud of these achievements. Growing up I listened to many styles of music, in particular traditional country because it told a story. As a result, it deepened my understanding of the sound and feel for this particular genre. I have produced albums and worked on projects for many artists including:- Johnny Greenwood, Brian Jendra, Desree Crawford, Keith Jamieson and the Redlands Bluegrass Boys along with many others. My current projects are two new albums for songwriters Maurice Hardy and Garth Brand that are due for released very soon and well worth checking out. Maurice Hardy’s One Golden Band, and Give The Game Away by Garth Brand are songs to listen for.

Recording and mixing an artist allows me the ability to capture the individual’s essence and originality. My job is very rewarding; I enjoy guiding individuals and groups, assisting them to record their unique sound and get their music out into the community or onto the radio. I have connections to well-respected session musicians, for your recording. I am a proficient guitarist, vocalist, and play a range of other instruments so I can provide you with many options when you are ready to record.

Are you ready to record? If you are passionate about what you do, and care about getting it right, the product I produce at SPARROW SOUND STUDIO will exceed you expectations. If you would like to see me perform or find out more about the studio, why not log on to my website www.sparrowsound.com.au you can also listen to the uploaded demos displaying my work.

Sparrow Sound Studio
Contact: Steve Sparrow
Phone: 07 3822 2894
Mobile: 0416 154 094.
Email: info@sparrowsound.com.au
Website: www.sparrowsound.com.au