Steve Sparrow at number one on top 40 country chart

Posted by steve - March 17, 2017 - Uncategorized - No Comments

Country singer/song writer Steve Sparrow has reached number one on the Australian country tracks top 40 chart with his song “Social Network Freak”. A comedy song about some of the crazy and sometimes pointless posts we often see or post ourselves on social media sites at times these days. I always felt there was a comical angle to all this, and so was born the song “Social Network Freak”, a song co-written with my mate Jimmy wallaby

The track is taken from his album ‘Paint your Cactus Green’ which was released early last year; this album has received a lot of interest and much radio airplay, and I am quite excited about his song “Social Network Freak” reaching number one on the national country music charts. This song’s appeal is because the song is about the sort of things that are said on facebook and twitter, which are so much a part of our daily lives today and most people can relate to it in some way.
You can obtain Steve Sparrow’s album ‘Paint your Cactus Green’ through the contact form on this page.